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Liquor control doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Berg's patented All-Bottle™ System keeps both sides of the bar happy. Your customers see their brand being poured and get a consistent drink each and every time and you get total control and accountability for every drink poured.

All-Bottle 703™ 

Most affordable free-pouring style liquor control. 7 price codes, 3 sizes and POS Interface are supported.

703 Brochure

All-Bottle 704™

7 price codes, 4 sizes, ECR interface, POS Interface, printing and drink reporting are supported.


704 Brochure

All-Bottle 1504™

15 price codes, 4 sizes, POS Interface, printing and drink reporting are supported.

1504 Brochure

Infinity All-Bottle ID™

Up to 200 brands, up to 4 price levels, 4 sizes, ECR Interface and POS Interface are supported. Printing and drink reporting and a host of features are available through Infinity™ software. Can be combined with the Laser system.

All-Bottle ID Brochure

ALL-BOTTLE™ Features
  • Won't pour without attached activator ring

  • Consistent drinks

  • Eliminates spills

  • Records all drinks poured, internally and/or at a sales terminal

  • Allows for multiple portions

  • Can be interfaced to Cash Register or POS system

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