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Find your true profit potential of draft beer.


TAP2 Our newest beer system that accurately meters or controls portions for unlimited taps. Clean-in-place Perlick™ faucet. Advanced reporting available through optional Infinity™ software.

Using the Berg TAP2 system to control over-pour, waste, ‘give-aways’ and unauthorized drinking of draft beer could mean up to twice the profit potential over bottled or canned beer. Installation of the compact TAP2 is quick and easy for both new and existing draft beer systems enabling you to quickly realize the True Profit potential of draft beer.

Tap Specs | TAP2 Brochure

TAP2™ Features
  • Beer system that accurately meters or controls portions for beer,
    wine or margaritas

  • Supports up to 24 taps per dispenser network. Each tap pours up to eight sizes and support four price levels

  • Stainless steel Perlick™ faucet allows clean-in-place


Draft Sentinel™

Draft Sentinel can monitor up to 24 draft beer, wine or soda lines with one console. The new microprocessor and flow meter based system by Berg, allows tracking cumulative sales by brand and volume.

When combined with your existing [Windows™ based] PC and Berg's exclusive Beverage Manager™ or Infinity™ software, detailed management reports can be generated in your office, allowing for receipt of detailed retail sales information as well as volume dispensed by each brand. Now, it's easy to compare actual dollar/ volume amount dispensed to your inventory and cash register receipts

Draft Sentinel™ Features
  • Monitor up to 24 Berg Flow Meters per console

  • Key-less display of volume dispensed by brand [X Report]

  • Connects to the Infinity™ software giving you a “single point” access to Calibration, Scheduling, and Reporting with Infinity Software

  • Battery back up memory & Water resistant enclosure

  • Utilizes industry accepted Berg Flow Meters

  • Installation can be easily upgraded to Berg’s TAP2™ Draft Beer System

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